(In Memory of My Darling, Betty Jane, My Best Friend and the Love of My Life for 25 Short Years)

Written July 8, 2013 by Wilson Brown

Betty Was a Friend of Mine

Betty was a friend of mine, the best I ever had.

She loved me through the good times. She loved me through the bad.

She taught me about living, and brought reason to my life.

Betty was a friend of mine, before she was my wife.

Betty was my partner, in everything we'd do.

We did it all together; the only way we knew.

She shared the secrets of my soul and loved me just the same.

The smartest thing I ever did, was giving her my name.

Betty was my lover. I had no need to roam.

She knew just how to please me and keep me close to home.

She loved me in my little car. She loved me in my plane.

She loved me in the sunshine and she loved me in the rain.

Betty was my angel. She was sent from up above.

She blessed me with her presence, with her friendship, and her love.

I loved just being with her. I still feel her sweet embrace.

I loved her voice and laughter, and the smile on her face.

Betty was my blessing, and my blessing was the best.

She had style, and so much class. She stood out from the rest.

So quite and unassuming; she was always by my side.

I was proud to be her husband. How I love my mountain bride.

Betty's still my angel, although she's gone away,

But I know she's still with me. I feel her close each day.

So blessed was I to love her, but the hardest to believe,

And the joy of my life, was to know that she loved me.

There's nothing that I wouldn't give to hold her hand again;

To see the sparkle in her eye; to be with my best friend.

I don't know why she loved me. I never could have guessed,

But I loved her and she loved me, and Betty was the best.


I still love her, and she still loves me, and Betty is the best.


Thank you, Sweetheart, for the Best years of my life...because of You!

I love you Betty, with all of my being and more than I ever thought that I could love...You taught me!

Your proud and loving husband,


P.S. I will always love you.