Solo at Sunset  

In the tranquil sunset air, half a mile

above the farmers' now abandoned fields,

I tug the tow-release; the earth yields

and seems to loose her inexorable hold a while

as I bank steeply into day's last glow.

I circle free in the peach-gold sky

until in waning light earth nears and I

perforce submit, accept earth's downward tow,

and reluctantly let go the illusive bird

of freedom, its song still faintly heard.

                                                                                                   --Robert Howren,                                    January 1996  

    On Friday, the 5th day of September, 1997 at Swan Creek Airport, Jonesville, North Carolina, Robert "Doctor Bob" Howren, put on his parachute in preparation for his second flight of the day.  "Doctor Bob" lay down beside his beloved "Echo Delta" and went to sleep.

    Words cannot begin to express the sorrow we share with all who knew and loved him, but we also shared the joy of his life.  Southern Soaring was enriched by his presence and I, personally, was blessed by his friendship.

                                                                                                               Wilson Brown