When I was young
by Wilson Brown 11/13/11

When I was young and full of fun, my head was full of dreams,
But I was young and oh so dumb, believing all those things.

Now my dreams have come and gone. Some of them came true,
But some of them, just got away. The things I didn't do.

I've lived my life as best I could, given what I knew.
I did the things I thought I should, not always what I wanted to.

I went to work and paid the bills. I fed my family well.
Through forty years of flying thrills, I lived to tell the tale.

My life was filled with endless joy. My dreams were all in range,
But then I lost my baby boy. How quickly things can change.

My wife, is also my best friend, my strength and comfort too.
She stands by me through thick and thin. Her love is strong and true.

I don't regret the things I've done...Well, maybe one or two.
But oh how much I do regret the things I didn't do.

When I was young I didn't know, the things I thought were true,
Were just someone else's notion, of things they thought they knew.

I didn't know when I was young, all that there was to it.
Now I know just how it's done.  I'm just too tired to do it.