"The Rhyme of an Ancient Welkiner"

(The Memories of an Old Pilot) 

On long and slender wings,

I have soared in silent splendor.

I have gained the freedom of the winds.

Avalon and Eldorado; I have been there.

I rode the ridge and thermals;

Climbed the wave above the lens;

It was there I met the condor,

And the hawk and I were friends.


Climbing clouds that lead to heaven;

Chasing rainbows of my own;

Where the weak will never wonder

I have faced my fears alone.

Over mountains still uncharted,

Made of gossamer and stone.

Up the rift and down the canyon;

Through the caverns I have flown.


And I have raced the eagle

To a place beyond the light.

Riding daggered wings of silver,

Streaking hard across the night,

Through a panoramic vision

In a cinematic show,

With a million stars above me

And ten thousand lights below.


On the promise of tomorrow;

In the rapture of the heights;

I have had a taste of glory.

I have seen the northern lights.

I have pitied earthbound creatures

Who will never understand,

The vastness of this universe;

The finiteness of man.


Turning east to meet the morning

At the moment of its birth,

I have seen a new day dawning

From the dark side of the earth;

Bringing hope and new beginnings

To a world in disarray.

In a silent flame of glory,

Yesterday is burned away.


Over mighty mountain ranges,

'Cross the deserts and the plains,

With the eagle and the hawk,

I have conquered vast domains.

Together we have flown as one,

And shared the golden fleece.

The quilt of all creation,

And the crucible of  peace.


In a place that has no borders,

Where the soul and mind are free,

 I viewed the vault of heaven

 As I sailed the Hyaline Sea.

 Where the sky is not a limit,

I found eternal Spring.

In silent exultation

I have made the welkin ring.

"The Rhyme Of The Ancient Welkiner", was written by Wilson Brown on 11/2/1985 and may not be copied for public or commercial use without the express written permission of Wilson Brown.